Find fun on the mainland with experiences created for your enjoyment.

AscendBnB strives to help more people enjoy the mainland by creating engaging experiences along mainland features like roads or waterways. You can find experiences in Corsica, Sansara, and other continents that are waiting for you to visit.

Experiences Across Mainland

Find interactive experiences tucked away within the continents as you travel the mainland, presented by AscendBnB. Engage in a spa experience, have a day full of wonder at a theme park, and more!

Eatonville Living History Museum

Visit Eatonville, a fictional black incorporated town in the early 1900’s paying homage to the strength and sovereignty of African-Americans.

Wonderpark Theme Park

Have a wonderful day at WONDERPARK! With over 20 rides, theme park food, and plenty of attractions, WONDERPARK is an experience for the entire family.

Little Kenya Restaurant

Share in the experience and love of Kenya at this cozy mainland restaurant in Corsica. Enjoy a full course, self-serve Kenyan meal, and visit with wildlife at this peaceful restaurant off Circuit la Corse.

Engaging Event Experiences

Find your fun and community at events held at AscendBnB locations and created for you to learn, connect, and share.

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