AscendBnB is a collection of rental properties created within residential neighborhoods across mainland, Second Life. Each rental is fully furnished, provided as an extension of the intent to spread the energies of love and exploration to all. For these reasons, there are a few terms of use for peacefully existing within an AscendBnB space.


All prims allocated for use should be tasteful and fit within the theme and intent of the region. No oversized or out-of-theme prims will be allowed in visible spaces on mainland-adjacent rentals.


The neighbors of AscendBnB properties are typically long-playing, peaceful souls who enjoy exploring as much as we do. On mainland, neighbors and passersby appear all the time, randomly. Please be respectful of avatars you see passing or living around AscendBnB properties, and let us know if interactions are outside of your consent.

In all, we’d like you to enjoy the experiences shared at AscendBnB properties and treat each space as it were your own. We hope you have fun and explore mainland with AscendBnB!

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